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The practice of Yoga gives us a continuous knowledge about our body challenging our mind and making us discover something new about ourselves.

Baxter Bell said, "Yoga has a clever way of getting around the patterns that cause anxiety. Anxiety about the expectations we have on our lives and the lives of others. Anxiety about all the desires that run through our bodies day in and day out. Anxiety about the fruits that are yet to be achieved.

The practice of yoga grounds us and brings us back to the essence of our consciousness. It is the moment where we are really present.

Amaranto offers yoga classes that include asanas (postures) and meditation. You will practice what it means to focus on the present, which is the only time we live in. Also, our classes guide you in expanding your awareness and inner tranquility through meditation. All of this so that you can strengthen your harmony with yourself and the world.

May our limitations always become our pillar of personal improvement.