Animals are



Animals are sentient beings who experience feelings and emotions. Animals, be it the cow, the dolphin, the octopus, the fish, the bird, all have awareness of the world around them.

Today, it is no secret that the vast - vast - majority of the animals we consume grow up in intensive production units - a system of systematic cruelty on a large scale.  Locking up so many living beings in such a small space brings many diseases that spread in a very short time. Today, 50% of the antibiotics produced in the world are destined for farm animals. Antibiotics that result in your food if you consume animals.

How is it possible that we, consumers, agree with that? The marketing strategies were very well thought out, but they don't take away our responsibility. Nor can they take away the very beautiful aspects of the human being such as compassion, the power of analysis, disobedience in the face of injustice, and respect for life in all its forms.

The reality is very uncomfortable: when we are in front of our plate we don't want to think about how those animals were raised and treated throughout their - short - life. We don't do anything because everyone is looking in another direction.

Kate Cooper, marketing consultant said:

"The power of willful ignorance cannot be underestimated".

Amaranto invites you to a space of compassion, to rescue your power of decision so that each day is an expression of love for each animal. Veganism is not perfect, nor extreme. It is an ethic of life that you can choose every day. This power is in your hands