When years of conflict lead to the growth of resilience and love for their land.

Co-produced with Circo Surca

With the support of Mediam

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The objective of the documentary is to support the emancipation of Colombian peasant women SIEMPREVIVAS. They will tell us their life stories, their commitment to healthy agriculture without pesticides and their collective resilience actions. All this in the Colombian context of the city of Medellin.

It is an invitation to get out of our comfort zone and act on what we believe in, because the SIEMPREVIVAS want to tell us their stories to help transform the society.

Their stories are also ours. We believe that the topics covered in the documentary speak to all of us and encourage us to open our horizons. It is a bridge between Europe and Colombia that we want you to cross to show the collective resilience movement that exists everywhere.

The documentary has an educational purpose because it will be broadcast in schools and universities in Colombia. In Europe, our ambition is to present the documentary in several festivals, as well as in educational and cultural institutions.

If you wish to support the post-production and diffusion of the documentary, we would be very grateful. The money we collect goes directly to this project.



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