Lately we have seen how eating has become a chore, and the joy of it has been taken out because we have been made to focus mostly on its nutritional aspects. We are definitely not denying that food plays a crucial role in our nutrition, and we also believe that what you eat has an effect on your well being. But at its core, food is about sharing. The moments you share in the kitchen with friends and family, the conversations at the dinner table, the memories of special moments and celebrations that happened around a delicious meal.

Our aim is to help you reconnect to these aspects of food while protecting our planet. After all it is the earth that provides us with the abundance of fruits, vegetables, grains, and so 

much more.

Below are a few of the recipes we have been inspired to create, and are so  excited to share with you. So go ahead, give a few of these recipes a try. Whether you are cooking alone or have enlisted a loved one, don't forget to enjoy the process.


Sweet potato &

butternut squash soup