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Today, awareness of human dependence on the planet's ecosystem is growing. We are part of a network of interconnections where the collapse of one element impacts the whole. However, lately  human beings have become disconnected, thanks to (but that is not an excuse) the marketing strategies supported by the oligarchy that holds 80% of the world's resources. It turns out that we act every day as if the planet had unlimited resources, resulting in an extinction of the ecosystem to which we belong, that is, of primary importance for our survival.

What we choose to eat every day has great negative or positive impacts. In other words, what we choose to eat is a very decisive leverage on our future. This is good news because it means that the power is in your hands, not in those of the oligarchy despite what they make us believe. But for that, we need to wake up

Amaranto invites us to wake up through conscious eating. It is about choosing food grown without chemicals, which support and do not destroy Life, including yours.  Choosing food that grows in your own country, which supports your own farmers, emits much less carbon emissions, and rebuilds your nation's food sovereignty. It is to respect the biodiversity on which we depend, and to let animals, sentient beings, live their own life.  It is understanding that every choice gives you the power to influence positively or negatively on you, your family and our world.

When you are already on the path of conscious eating, now you only need to invite family, friends, neighbors, people in need, to share it with you. In a space of tranquility, inviting time. No more fast food or 10 minutes lunch breaks.

That's it, conscious eating. It's celebrating life and Mother Earth, it's a responsibility you choose to respect every day. It is so simple, despite what we are led to believe, that you choose your food well, and share it around a table.